If you are interested in massage therapy and want to know more, you can read real life reviews from my patients on Yelp. If you are a Yelper, be sure to share with the world your healing experience with Life Energy Massage by Becca.

This past month, upon a friend’s recommendation, I received a massage from Becca. The results were completely unexpected and AMAZING. I typically suffer from Carpal Tunnel and tendonitis, and since the massage I have not had any numbness in my arms, or any arm pain in the past 6 weeks. Not only does Becca have a great personality, but she also has a true gift of healing. I never thought my body would return to its full capabilities without surgery, but she truly worked a miracle. – Lief B. 

I just received my very first professional massage, and it was by Becca 🙂 Amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and calm, while letting me know what to expect. Also, she told me to let her know if I felt any pain or discomfort and she will apply less pressure. I thought she used just the right about of strength and pressure. My muscles already feel looser, and this was needed for a long time. Thank you Becca! I will be seeing you again for another massage! – Lindsay C. 

Becca gives a great massage!! Rarely do I ever find a woman with the strength in there hands to deliver the deep tissue massage that I like. Her personality is uplifting along with good communication skills. You can either zone out, or have a delightful chat. Very intuitive at un-triggering the points in your body that are stuck. Thank You.. – Peter R.

Becca was extremely welcoming from the start. Relaxed atmosphere and great smelling oils that didn’t leave you feeling greasy. She worked out all the knots and concentrated on the areas that really needed work. Just the right pressure, and made sure I felt everything I wanted help with got worked on. Have used her several times and plan to keep coming back. –Bethany B.

Life Energy Massage Therapy is as good as it gets for holistic bodywork in San Diego. There are many therapists here. Why should you choose this one? Well, Becca is knowledgeable, thorough, highly trained and very personable. She routinely deals with the myriad pains I experience as a circus acrobat, and I have other friends who are office workers and drivers whom she effectively treats as well. She seems to be able to do it all. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed. – Alex D.

Becca is EXCELLENT!!!! Knows how to read your body and treat it accordingly! She is the best massage therapist I have found and will stick with her! I cannot say enough good things about her…whether she is coming to you in your home or you go to Herbin, the experience is relaxing, comfortable and the best massage! – SarahBeth M.

I went to Life Energy because I had back pain. Over the course of two massages over two months, her deep tissue massage has got my back feeling great. So I continue to get massage on a regular basis! She also provides great advise about the local Yoga clubs and instructors, because Yoga helps maintain flexibility and prevent muscle pain from returning. – Eliot

If you are looking for a great massage from a caring and talented massage therapist, you have found her. She works out your tension with deep tissue, trigger point and passive joint movement. Then smooths it out with relaxing flowing strokes and adds in some wonderful smelling aromatherapy. You will love her touch. Give her a try! – Rachel R.